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„Innovation of Curriculum for Vocational Course Farrier Specialist“

in the framework project Erasmus+, KA 2: Strategic Partnership, number.: 2017-1-CZ01-KA202-035582

Project period: 1.10.2017 - 31.3.2019

The project applicant is Podkovarska skola s.r.o. (Farrier School, Ltd.), which provides education in two-year courses of lifelong learning of which the contents correspond to the (Czech) National Qualification Framework, specifically vocational qualifications Assistant Farrier (41-039-E) and Euro-Farrier (41-031-H). The executive headmaster of the school and project guarantor, Jindrich Vincalek, is also an accredited person to perform the exams of these qualifications and also of the qualification Farrier Specialist (41- 040-M). The accreditation is valid for the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and EFFA (European Federation of Farriers Associations).

The project with the participation of three partner institutions aim is to innovate curriculum for a professional course Farrier Specialist which is focused on the curriculum necessary to master the Farrier Specialist qualification. Farrier's work directly affects the quality of life and the possibility of using the horse. At present, there is no possibility to take a similar course in the partner countries.

Objective of the project:   

  1. To innovate the curriculum of vocational course Farrier Specialist based on the results of the project "Euro-Farrier" (within the project curricula for all qualification levels were prepared and tested, curriculum for the level Farrier Specialist was not processed  sufficiently comprehensive so the graduates of the course were able to pass   qualification   exam) and based on the requirements of practice within EFFA and to  unify these curricula   in all countries involved in the project realized.      
  2. To produce study materials which will be available to all students of the course Farrier Specialist in electronic form in all languages of the partner countries.
  3. To ensure a high level of teaching quality of the course Farrier Specialist at partner institutions through teacher training and purchase of modern equipment.
  4. To establish a platform for ongoing collaboration among the partner institutions and other institutions and individuals that are dedicated to the teaching and practice in the field of farriery.
Partner institucions and international cooperation

Staff of Horse Clinic at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice focuse rather on the pathology of equine limbs and hooves, they will therefore be responsible for the corresponding areas in preparing the curriculum and study materials.

Employees of the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest focuse mainly on anatomy, histology and physiology of equine limbs and hooves.

Benefit of international cooperation can be seen in the different focus of each partner institution - Farrier School, Ltd. Is focused on practice while staff of both veterinary universities are more focused on the diagnosis of equine limb, orthopedic problems and their treatment.

The proposed project has two target groups: students and teachers of participating institutions. Students are involved in the project only indirectly - they will use the project results. The teaching staff of partner institutions will be actively involved in the project.

The expected impact on project participants, i.e. the teaching staff of partner organizations:

  •  through participation in project meetings they will have the opportunity to influence the curriculum of the course Farrier Specialist in three countries using their experience, and will thus be able to set high standards of quality,
  • their experience will be used in the preparation of study materials which will also affect the quality of teaching,
  • through the participation in workshops under the guidance of experienced lecturers they will learn about the latest approaches in farriery and veterinary medicine in practical form,
  • thanks to the purchased equipment they will be able to ensure a high level of quality of teaching students at all institutions involved,
  • using an electronic platform for long-term cooperation they will gain an effective tool for cooperation among the involved institutions.

The expected impact of the project on students of the course Farrier Specialist:

  • they will have the possibility to study under the innovated curriculum which will include the requests from the (Czech) Sector Board for Agriculture, EFFA and which will be uniform for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, enabling mobility within the study and follow-up practices,
  • they will have the possibility to use the newly created interactive study materials that will conform to the highest level of farrier qualification and will be available on the websites of the partner institutions in all languages of the partner countries,
  • they will have the possibility to use a newly purchased devices which are necessary for quality diagnostics of orthopedic problems of equine limbs and hooves,
  • they will have the possibility to to use the electronic portal for long-term cooperation for studying veterinary case studies and consulting specific issues with experts from  the organizations involved.

The expected impact on partner organizations:

  • through the participation of teachers in the proposed project the participating institutions will be able to to offer quality course for the qualification Farrier Specialist to students interested in this field, they will be able to offer quality study materials and the possibility to complete part of the course in one of the partner countries where the studies are conducted under the same curriculum,
  • the aforementioned benefits will increase the attractiveness of study at partner institutions in the eyes of those interested in studying in the course Farrier Specialist.
The project is financed by the European Commission.



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